Mindaugas Gabrenas (1977) is a fine art Lithuanian photographer.

His first encounter with photography was in 2006, while he was living in Spain. Gabrenas’ first photo series Fantasma (2009) was full of long exposure post-apocalyptical tranquility, melancholy and random, almost invisible appearance of human presence.

Later Mindaugas Gabrenas discovered medium format black&white analog photography, and started his ongoing experiments with various films and cameras. In 2011 Gabrenas initiated his monochrome Dreamscapes theme, reflecting his own perception of dreams, human alienation and loneliness.

In 2013 Mindaugas Gabrenas moved to New York and started his project Back to the City. Gabrenas mixed American wild landscape with New York City cityscape and presenting works in diptych revealed unexpected visual parallels between two antagonistic concepts: natura et urbi.

In his still ongoing project Somnia Gabrenas is back to the theme of dreams, capturing these visions using his handmade medium format film camera and colour films, mostly affected by mold taken from the black rye bread.

Mindaugas Gabrenas is an author of a number of personal and group exhibitions worldwide, he has won numerous awards for his photography, including Black & White Magazine Portfolio Contest Winner, Audience Award Winner in SoHo Photo Gallery, Photo Democracy Award Winner, Foto filmic’13 Portfolio Award Winner, ect. He has also been published in various publications including ‘Black & White Magazine’, ‘L’Oeil de la Photographie’, ‘Adore Noir Magazine’, ’PH Magazine’, ‘Blur Magazine’, ‘Shots’, ‘Dodho Magazine’, ect.

The works of Mindaugas Gabrenas were presented in International Festival of Photography PHotoEspaña in Madrid (2014).

In 2018 he had his solo exhibition at Robin Rice Gallery (New York).