I’m Lithuanian fine art photographer currently based in Paris.

My humanities and social sciences background has nurtured my interest in people: there’s always a human presence in my pictures, sometimes barely perceptible. I try to capture the particular human states – they are familiar for most of us and one could read them, depending on intensity, as poetry, prose or even an autobiography.

As a photographer, I pay much attention to the act of photography itself. I aim to capture something unique that manifests itself irrevocably, physically and chemically on my hand-printed silver gelatin prints. I modify my cameras (or even films) to create deeply personal visual dreamscape.

I prefer to work in black and white, because I want to keep the mystery of the moment, stimulate the imagination of the viewer and leave more space for personal interpretation. Some of my particular series however taken in colour.


Mindaugas Gabrenas is an author of a number of personal and group exhibitions worldwide, he has won numerous international awards for his photography, his works are being published in various media worldwide. His works were presented in the International Festival of Photography PHotoEspaña in Madrid (2014), ArtKarlsruhe in Germany (2016) and ArtVilnius in Lithuania (2019).