First personal exhibition „Fantasma“

„Fantasma“ (latin “ghost, illusion”) – the first personal exhibition of Mindaugas Gabrenas. This series consists of 20 black and white digital pictures. The Project „Fantasma“ has started in 2006, while the author lived in Spain and was completed in 2009 with the pictures taken in France and Lithuania.

Blurry silhouettes, stagnant water, the rays of the sun penetrating scrolling clouds – this is a ghostscape with a postapocalyptical calmness. Without hysteria, aggression. No battle, reality, no actuality. The Man – an insignificant detail of the powerful landscape. The ghost, desired by consciousness – fantasma.

„Fantasma“ was exhibited in Vilnius (12-26 February, 2010), Kaunas (2-26 March, 2010), Birstonas (16 April-7 May, 2010), Klaipėda (11 June-11 July, 2010), Utena (13 July-August 11, 2010), Nida (13 August-7 September, 2010) and Alytus (9 September-10 October, 2010).