Group Show in Galerie STP, Germany

There are events that shape the history, some may even alter its course. One of those is the 11th September 2001. In our collective memory, it has imprinted as 9/11. When you think of New York, you are inevitably reminded of the terrible scenarios that day. Unfortunately the picture, the perception of the city of New York is often reduced to this event. The aim of the exhibition “9/11-NY” isn’t exactly that.

In addition to the world famous pictures by photographer and former Magnum Chef, Thomas Hoepker of this memorable day, historical photographs and current pictures of the present, give us insights of the dazzling, fascinating metropolis of New York. Each of the exhibited photographers lets us participate in his experiences and shows us his view. Black and white art by Walter Schels, alongside with historical reportage photography by Michael Zibold, poetic images of the Lithuanian photographer Minaugas Gabrenas, modern interpretations of the Czech photographer Stepan Grygor, abstraction by Peter Konschake, the particular photographic style by Antonius and his adopted home, contemporary photography by Johanna Strauss or Daniela Risch.

Altogether the different snapshots are supposed to awaken the desire to discover this city. A town that embodies like no other the coexistence of cultures. A diversity that must be preserved.

The exhibition takes place in cooperation with the gallery Hiltawasky from Berlin and the infocus gallery in Cologne.