In Dahse Magazine

Dahse is a New York based publication showcasing creative inspiration in fashion art and design. The interview with Mindaugas Gabrenas was published in Dahse Magazine.

Mindaugas Gabrenas is a Lithuanian photographer who recently relocated to New York, and given what we’ve seen of his work so far, we’re quite pleased to have him. As an ambidextrous film and digital photographer, he is living proof that perhaps too much time is spent debating the merits of film vs digital photography. He proves that either can be used to communicate a vision with stunning results.

There is a distinct feeling of melancholy and isolation in his photography, accentuated by the frequent use of aged film and its distinct imperfections and blurs. This isolation somehow translates into serenity and calm, as though it is a welcome break from the madness of everyday life. Structures such as bridges, stairs, and trees form beautiful geometries in the composition of landscapes. People integrate into these landscapes in a poetic harmony that creates the mood of a fable. We had a chance to welcome Mindaugas and learn more about the photographer during a recent interview which follows.

For more information: http://www.dahsemagazine.com/photography-of-mindaugas-gabrenas/